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What will change a new lease law

A new lease law,developed by the State Property Fund of Ukraine, to drastically change the situation with leasing of state objects and to increase revenues to the State Budget of Ukraine.

By the words of the acting Chief of the StateProperty Fund of Ukraine VitaliiTrubarov:a draft law sent by the ministries' proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The main statements of the law are:

- all leases will be pass through electronic auctions;

- the transfer of the object of the lease will be reduced from 143 to 43 days;

- put into operation simplified procedure of conclusion of the contract, without additional requests and permissions;

- instead of an ineffective mechanism for indexation of rent, every three years a compulsory assessment of the lease object will be carried out;

- - a guarantee fee is introduced that does not return to the winner, due to it will be expensive to break the auction by unscrupulous participants;

- a complete prohibition of lease to legal entities and individuals associated with the aggressor country of the Russian Federation is established.

"State property is in demand, and it must bring income. However, still a huge part of the property is declining, empty or illegally leased by its balance-holders ", - Vitalii Trubarov writes on hisFacebookpage. On his opinion, after the adoption of the new lease law, the situation with the lease of state property will be substantially improved.

   According to him, revenues from the lease of state property will amount by the end of the year to almost UAH 1.5 billion, which is one and a half times the plan for the year.