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Cherkasy RO offers work to appraisers

Cherkasy RO announced a competition of appraisers who will be involved in the evaluation of lease objects:

1. premises of storage  953,0 m2 (Zolotonosha - Cherkasy - Smila Highway, km 11, building w/n);

2. hydrotechnical structures: shore protection, berth for ships (Cherkasy City, 5 Portova str.);

3. part of the lobby of educational building No 2 12.0 m2 (Cherkasy City, 460 Shevchenko blvd.);

4. premises 215.9 m2 (Uman Town, 1/2 Nezalezhnosti str.);

5. part of the dormitory 14.0 m2 (Uman Town, 2 Internatsionalna str.);

6. first floor of the building  75.1 m2 (Uman Town, 31 Nebesnoy Sotni str.).

The deadline for submission of applications is November 14, 2017 until 16.00. The competition will be held on November 20, 2017 at 11.00 in Cherkasy RO (Cherkasy City, 205Shevchenko blvd.).

Additional information tel. +38(047) 37-29-71 and in the newspaper "Vidomosti pryvatyzatsii" dated 25.10.2017, No. 84.