Luhansk RO has announced a competition of appraisers for the independent evaluation of the lease objects

Regional Office in Luhansk Region announced a competition for the selection of appraisers for the evaluation of the lease objects:

- parts of the collarhouse of the vertical auxiliary trunk with a copper of 7.0 sq. m. and parts of the building of the boiler complex of the auxiliary vertical barrel on the ground floor of 10.0 sq. m.: Popasnia district, Zolote town, str. Vuhilna, 19.

The deadline for filing applications is December 20, 2018, to 17.00.

Additional information by phone - +38 (06452) 4-23-48.

The conditions of participation in the competition can be found in the newspaper “Vidomosti Pryvatyzatsii” dated 05.12.2018, No. 98.