Premises are offered for lease in Cherkasy oblast

The Administration on the Exercise of Authority in Cherkasy oblast of the Ragional Office of the SPFU in Kyiv, Cherkasy and Chernihiv Oblasts offers the following objects for lease:

- the premises of the 4th floor of the 4-storey administrative building of 8.5 sq. m. at Cherkasy city, blvd. Shevchenka, 205, for office placement;

- part of the SES building with a vestibule and entrance to the basement of 528.7 sq. m. at Uman town, str. Surovtsovoi, 6, for placement of a private medical institution;

- part of the administrative building with additional of 41.9 sq. m. in Chygyryn town, str. Petra Doroshenko, 34a, for providing of land management works;

- part of the premises of the 1st floor of the administrative building of 46.41 sq. m. in Cherkasy city, blvd. Shevchenka, 205, to placement of a cafeteria;

- part of the premises of the building of the store of 53.2 sq. m. in Zolotonosha town, str. Shevchenka, 137, for placemet of a commercial object.

Lease applications are accepted until 06.11.2019, tel. +38 (0472) 37-34-48.

Detailed information - in the newspaper “Vidomosti Pryvatyzatsii” dated 23.10.2019 No. 43.