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In Khmelnytskyi - competition of appraisers

Khmelnytskyi RO announced a competition of appraisers, who will be invited to evaluate the rental objects:

1) premises of 35.4 square meters on the first floor of the building for the authorities at the address: 83A Shevchenko str., Dunaivtsi city;

2) premises of 14.9 square meters in the public-household block at the address: 10 Institutska str., Khmelnytskyi city;

3) fuel storage of 49.8 square meters in the garage building at the address: 49 Y. Sitsinskogo str., Khmelnytskyi city;

4) workshop premises of 176.6 square meters on the second floor of the building of the industrial building in Khmelnitskyi city on the str. Ternopilska, 40/1.

The competition will be held on November 14, 2017, at 10:00 in Khmelnytskyi RO (Khmelnytskyi City, 75 Soborna str.). telephone for information: +38(0382) 79-56-16.

Detailed information in the newspaper "Vidomosti pryvatyzatsii" dated October 30, 2017, No. 85.