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Zaporizhzhia Regional Office is studying a demand for facilities of public associations of the former USSR

In order to determine further effective use of the All-Union public associations (organizations) property of the former USSR which had been returned to the state ownership by court decision, the RO asks the business entities are interested in lease or privatization of facilities, to send on e-mail: zaporizhia@spfu.gov.uaor on phone: +38 (061) 226-07-75, 226-07-76, 226-07-87, 226-07-89their proposals regarding following objects:

1.The real estate facilities (asset holder – the Sanatorium “Berdiansk”): 33, Kotliarevskoho str., Berdiansk town, consisting of main building, garage, garden house and others.

2.The real estate property: 3, Tinysty Boulevard, Berdiansk town, consisting of main buildings, annexes and others (former sanatorium “Berdiansk”).

3.The real estate facilities: 45, Lenska str., Zaporizhzhia city (an administrative building of 639.6 sq m; a culture building of 2,042.6 sq m; a canteen of 3,323.7 sq m; a corps No. 2 of 5,852.12 sq m; a corps no. 11 of 310.5 sq m and others.)

4.The real estate objects: 43Б, Kotliarevskoho str., Berdiansk town (asset holder – the Sanatorium “Berdiansk”).

5. The real estate facilities: 22, Volkova str., Berdiansk town, consisiting of main building, annexes and construction.

6. Buildings of sanatorium “Berdiansk”: 9, Tinysty Boulevard, Berdiansk town, consisting of main buildings, annexes and others.

7. The sleeping corps of 948.8 sq m: 45A, Kurortna str., Prymorsk town.

8. The real estate facilities: 55Б, Naukove town (Hortytsia island), Zaporizhzhia city, complex of buildings of 2,853.6 sq m, complex of buildings of 1,694.2 sq m, building of 557.5 sq m, constructions of 336.7 sq m.