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Facility under construction - dairy-cattle farm with 200 head of cattle

Type of privatization: Small privatisation



Region: Chernivtsi region

Address: Chernivetska Oblast, Sokyryansky district, Novooleksiivka district, Khmelnytsky street, 21A

Code (registry №):


Name: відсутній

Address: відсутній

Name: Facility under construction - dairy-cattle farm with 200 head of cattle

Asset holder EDRPOU Code:

Asset holder name: відсутній

Asset holder address: відсутній

Statute capital, UAH: 0.00

Object size: 0 % of constr. completion

Stake, %: 0

Starting price: 27 925.00

Starting price: 27 925.00

Way of privatization:

Form of sale:

Privatization status: Selling

Date of sale announcement:18.09.2018

Date and time of sale: 26.11.2019

Date of publication of the results of the sale \ suspension \ sale termination:

Type of economic activity:


The facility under construction – dairy-cattle farm with 200 head of cattle located on edge of village Novooleksiivka at a distance of 100 m from local roads. At the construction site construction started: maternity 25 cows to young stock on 220 goals: not completed one-storey building N-shaped. Partly assembled the foundation of the right and left of the unit and the wall height of about 1.0 m. Technical condition is unsatisfactory; the cowshed on 200 goals: not completed construction of the building is H-shaped forms consisting of two two-row barn with 100 cows each, between which is located the dairy unit. Assembled foundations, walls, columns. On the right housing of the barn and mounted runs. Technical condition-unsatisfactory; preparation center: completed construction of two-storey rectangular building. Built the Foundation, made of masonry walls on 1st floor-mounted jumpers on the 2nd floor is not finished walls. Technical condition-unsatisfactory; sanitary inspection for 15 people: built a foundation, made of masonry walls, internal partitions, mounted and covered with a roof of slate. Inner and outer surfaces of the walls partially plastered. The technical condition is unsatisfactory. The object is not preserved, the construction site is not guarded, the fence is missing. On a building site is acquired for the object under construction materials, products, designs, imported to the site and not used for construction, in particular reinforced concrete beam – 2 PCs located near the preparation center. Beams for a long period of time were in an open construction site, so using them without technical tests impossible and economically unfeasible. The technical condition of the object when the visual inspection is unsatisfactory.
Land for agricultural purposes is not separately allocated. The approximate land area, all – 0,8459 hectares, including area under buildings – 0,2620 ha.

Customer of sale:

Sale organizer: РВ ФДМУ по Івано-Франківській,Чернівецькій та Тернопільській областях