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Chess Club

Type of privatization: Small privatisation



Region: Dnipropetrovsk region

Address: Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Krivyy Rig City, 60 years of USSR square, 4

Code (registry №): 191000.41ААВАБВ2072

EDRPOU Code: 00191000

Name: ПАТ «Південний гірничо-збагачувальний комбінат»

Address: Дніпропетровська обл, м. Кривий Ріг

Name: Chess Club

Asset holder EDRPOU Code: 00191000

Asset holder name: ПАТ «Південний гірничо-збагачувальний комбінат»

Asset holder address: Дніпропетровська обл, м. Кривий Ріг

Statute capital, UAH: 0.00

Object size: 72.2 sq.m.

Stake, %: 0

Starting price: 199 907.00

Starting price: 199 907.00

Way of privatization:

Form of sale:

Privatization status: Sale announced

Date of sale announcement:30.11.2018

Date and time of sale: 26.12.2018

Date of publication of the results of the sale \ suspension \ sale termination:

Type of economic activity:


The object of socio-cultural destination – chess club, which includes: the chess club building (lit. A-1) a total area of 72.2 per m2 with porches lit. a, A1, fence No. 1 – 99.4 m2, a summer Playground – blind area \"And\" – of 87.9 m2.
Commissioned in 1957.
The technical condition of the object satisfactory.

Customer of sale:

Sale organizer: РВ ФДМУ по Дніпропетровській області (м. Дніпро, вул. Центральна, 6), +38(056)744-11-41