Дитяча установа

Type of privatization: Small privatisation



Region: Chernivtsi region

Address: V. Yatsiuka str., Anadoly village, Khotyn district, Chernivtsi region.

Code (registry №):


Name: відсутній

Address: відсутній

Name: Дитяча установа

Asset holder EDRPOU Code:

Asset holder name: відсутній

Asset holder address: відсутній

Statute capital, UAH: 0.00

Object size: 75 % of constr. completion

Stake, %: 0

Starting price: 94 975.00

Starting price: 94 975.00

Way of privatization:

Form of sale:

Privatization status: Sale announced

Date of sale announcement:22.07.2020

Date and time of sale: 25.09.2020

Date of publication of the results of the sale \ suspension \ sale termination:

Type of economic activity:


The object of unfinished construction of state property - the building of a children`s institution - a one-story building with a mansard over the part of the building.

      Near the building is located a well. Electric and gas supply networks are located nearby. The start of the construction of a children`s institution - the beginning of the 2000s. The construction readiness of the unfinished construction of a children`s institution building is 75%.

      The object of unfinished construction partially borders the territory of the school, which is fenced with a metal grid.

       The object is located in the center of the village. The surrounding buildings are represented by a shallow low-rise building mainly for residential purposes. The area of ​​the site is characterized by a well-developed infrastructure. The distance from the object to:

- the village council - 200 m;

- the bus stop - 600 m;

-  Khotyn - 2.5 km.

      The construction site, on which the object is located, fenced, the object is not protected, there are no materials, products, structures that are not used for construction.   

Information about the land plot: Target purpose of the land (cadastral number: 7325082000: 01: 001: 0151): for the construction and maintenance of a residential building, commercial buildings and constructions. The total area of the land is 0.25 ha

Customer of sale:

Sale organizer: РВ ФДМУ по Івано-Франківській,Чернівецькій та Тернопільській областях