Access rules

The State Property Fund of Ukraine provides the public information as a response to an information request. According to the law, the information is considered to be public when is is reflected or documented by any means or on any information carriers which has been received or formed in the process of execution by the persons of authority of  their obligations stipulated by the valid legislation or which stays in possession of the persons of authority.

Request from a person for receipt of the information shall be drawn up in free form

At that, the following shall be included:

1) name and surname of the inquirer, postal address or e-mail as well as phone number;

2) description of the information which the inquirer would like to receive. (Type, name, details or content of the document, about which the request has been made)

3) signature and date.

The request of information can be sent to:

Postaladdress:         room №. 103, 18/9 General Almazov St., Kyiv, 01133,
                                    (pleaseindicateontheenvelope "Public information");

E-mail:             zaput@spfu.gov.ua;
Telephone:     (044) 254-28-31;
Fax:                  (044) 254-28-31.

Forms to provide the request of information in the written form:

- Fornaturalperson; (Example )
- For legal entity; (Example )
- For citizens associations; (Example )

E-mail: zaput@spfu.gov.ua