Privatization in Zaporizhzhia region: two ancient buildings are put up for online auctions

The Administration on the Exercise of Authority in Zaporizhzhia Оblast of the SPFU’s Regional Office in Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kirovohrad Oblasts announced privatization auctions:

- non-residential building located at the address: 15, Shevchenka St., Orikhiv town. The total area is 387.6 sq. m. The starting price is UAH 812,243 without VAT. Details - https://privatization.gov.ua/product/nezhytlova-budivlya-lit-a-zagalnoyu-ploshheyu-387-6-kv-m-za-adresoyu-zaporizka-obl-m-orihiv-vul-shevchenka-15/

- a complex of buildings, consisting of: an office with outbuildings, with a total area of ​​169.4 sq. m.; garage; barn; toilet, located at: 369, Soborna St., Chernihivka small town. The starting price is UAH 212,202 without VAT. Details - https://privatization.gov.ua/product/kompleks-budivel-u-skladi-kontora-z-prybudovamy-lit-b-zagalnoyu-ploshheyu-169-4-kv-m-garazh-lit-g-saraj-lit-s-vbyralnya-lit-u/

Both buildings, located in the central parts of the settlements, were erected in the late nineteenth century. Due to government agencies worked here until recently, today the buildings are in satisfactory technical condition.

The auctions are scheduled for May 25, 2021. Acceptance of proposals lasts until May 24, 2021.