State property landlords’ decisions on lease contracts become public in the State Property Fund of Ukraine’s system

The State Property Fund of Ukraine and its regional offices began to disclose information on the lease contracts, in regard to which landlords took decision on contract duration extension without e-auction and the lease contracts, in regard to which it is taken decision to extend lease terms due to updating the terms with the new legislation.
Unified form of such decision-making and the procedure of disclosing information on these contracts were approved by the Regulation on extension of state property lease contracts duration without e-auction and updating of the lease contract terms with the new legislation.
The Fund initiated the disclosing information on mentioned contract types in order to strengthen the public control on justification of opportunity to extend contract duration without e-auctions and extend the lease term.
According to the Law of Ukraine “On the State and Municipal Property Lease” (the Law “On lease”) an acting state property lease contract can be extended for a new term without e-auction in such cases:
- this contract extends for the first time, in case the contract lease period is 5 years or less;
- this contract extends not for the first time, but it was concluded without the conduct of e-auction with institutions and organizations, mentioned in part 1 of Article 15 of the Law on lease”: government authorities, local government bodies, religious organizations, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, diplomatic missions;
- this contract extends not for the first time, but it was concluded with enterprises, institutions, organizations that provide socially important services to the public, the list of which is defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
Also, according to the Law “On lease” it is possible to extend the acting lease contract terms up to 5 years, if this contract:
- was concluded for the term less than 5 years;
- earlier was not extended;
- lease object ownership was registered in the State Register of Proprietary Rights to Immovable Property.

To learn more about the register of landlords’ decisions on extension of acting lease contracts without e-auction and the register on landlords’ decisions on contract terms extension, please, follow the State Property Fund of Ukraine’s site by the link: https://bit.ly/2SUEYoz