Privatization of spirit assets: Myshkovychi operating location and alcohol storage at an online auction

On March 12, 2021, an online auction for the privatization of separate property of the Myshkovychi operating location and alcohol storage of the SE “Ukrspyrt” (alcohol production) will be held.

Assets are concentrated in two locations in the Ternopil region:  Myshkovychi village, Ternopil district, and Druzhba small town, Terebovlianskyi district.

The privatization object consists of buildings and structures with a total area of 12,318.5 sq. m., including: administrative building, production buildings, alcohol storages, warehouses, workshops, cooling tower, bard storage, etc. The main technological equipment is available, which is in satisfactory condition, as well as all the necessary communications: water supply, electricity, sewerage and access roads.

In total, the list of separate properties to be put up for online auction consists of 511 items of buildings, equipment, movable and other property.

The total area of land plots is 13.8553 ha.

The starting price of the asset is UAH 7,291,753, and applications for participation in the online auction will be accepted until March 11, 2021.

The privatization of the Myshkovychi operating location and alcohol storage of the SE “Ukrspyrt” is taking place within the framework of demonopolization of the alcohol industry, which began in 2020.

In total, the state will put up for privatization 41 operating locations, which are part of the State Enterprise “Ukrspyrt” and another 37 plants, which are united in the concern “Ukrspyrt”.

According to the results of transparent online auctions for the privatization of alcohol assets, the state budget should already receive about a billion of UAH.

More about Myshkovychi operating location and alcohol storage of “Ukrspyrt”: https://bit.ly/2NL6Ig2

More about the demonopolization of the alcohol industry: https://bit.ly/3rMok9I