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Financial plans of PJSC “OPP” and PJSC “Centrenergo” for the year 2018 were approved

Net income of Odesa Portside Plant in 2018 should amount to UAH 3.4 billion, it is 28 percent more than last year. Instead, the net income for PJSC “Centrenergo” should increase by 22 percent and amount to UAH 16.6 billion.Such financial plans indicators were approved by the government committee.

This was announced by Vitalii Trubarov, Chairman of the State Property Fund.

According to Vitalii Trubarov, the sold products cost price of the PJSC “Centrenergo” is planned at the level of UAH 15.7 billion, it is 21 percent more than in 2017.The increase is planned mainly due to rising fuel costs.

“In addition, due to the increase in wages it is expected to increase administrative expenditure by 8 percent. It is also planned to create a reserve fund for electricity arrears in the company amounting to UAH 126 million”, said Vitalii Trubarov, the Chairman of the Fund.

Vitalii Trubarov notices the Centrenergo financial plan is balanced and provides a net profit in amount to UAH 177 million, it is 53 percent more than in 2017.

Regarding the OPP’s financial indicators for 2018, Vitaliy Trubarov said gross profit will increase by 30 percent and amount to UAH 447 million, the production cost will increase by 27 percent, administrative costs will increase by 8 percent and amount to UAH 125 million.

OPP’s net profit for 2018 should amount to UAH 174 million, it is UAH 167 million more than 2017.

Vitalii Trubarov also added OPP’s financial plan was created taking into account possible effective ways of the company’s exit from the crisis economic situation.