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Dnipropetrovsk Regional Office received in January UAH 10,1 million from the lease

RO SPFU in Dnipropetrovsk region as of 08.02.2018 received from the lease UAH10,128 million.

The control over the execution of 1,475 leasehold contracts is being carried out, including 25 new contracts and 48 additional agreements for existing leasehold contracts for the state property since the beginning of the year.

RO SPFU in Dnipropetrovsk region is studying the demand for potential objects of lease of state property, namely:

1. Room, 36.74 sq.m:15 Yevropeiska St., Dnipro City

2. Premises, 157.5 sq. m: 29 Sicheslavska Naberezhna St., Dnipro City

3. Premises, 1,229.40 sq. m: 42-K Udarnykiv St., Dnipro City

4. Premises, 144.0 sq. m: 2, Kazakova St., Dnipro City

5. Premises, 13.09 sq. m: 79-A Heroiv ATO St., Kryvyi Rih City

6. Room, part of the roof, 40.0 sq.m: 2 Lazariana St., Dnipro City

7. Premises, 93.07 sq.m and 7.6 sq.m: 15 Yevropeiska St., Dnipro City

Consultations by phone: 744-34-52, 744-34-54, 744-11-39.

The deadline for submitting applications is 19.02.2018

Detailed information is available in the newspaper "Vidomosti pryvatyzatsii" No. 11 dated 05.02.2018.