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State Property Fund of Ukraine has extended the possibilities for appraisers to select e-platforms for verification of real estate property value

By orders of the State Property Fund of Ukraine were authorized an e-platform “EXPRESS OTSINKA”, operator is the “ACCEPT ONLINE” LLC, and e-platform “PROFISIYNA OTSINKA”, operator is the “PRO ZAKUPIVLI” LLC.

Recall, after authorizing the first e-platform “OTSINKA.online” the Module of common database - the system of verification of estimated value of real estate property has been started..

The availability of authorized e-platforms totally eliminates a human factor of verification of an estimated value of property and makes it impossible a corruption in area of fiscal valuation.  

The Fund notices that the number of available e-platforms is not limited. It’s made in order to the appraiser have an alternative among e-platforms and choose one, which is more suitable. The Fund hopes that there will be more legal entities which will register and authorize its own e-platforms in order to maximum ensure transparency on the market of tax valuation.