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Enterprises that are in the management of the State Property Fund have paid almost 5 billion tax

Enterprises which corporate rights are managed by the State Property Fund for 9 months of this year paid taxes and fees of 4.79 billion UAH. It is almost 15 percent more than in 2016.

This was announced by the Head of the State Property Fund Vitalii Trubarov on his Facebook page.

In particular, the volume of taxes and dues to the State Budget for the three quarters increased by 1.56 billion UAH, or by 110.9% and is in amount of 2.97 billion UAH. Payments to local budgets grew by 67.2 million UAH, or by 19% and is in amount of 421.4 million UAH.

“No matter how pessimists were criticized, but the enterprises under the management of the State Property Fund show the dynamics. The Fund is able not only to transparently and competitively conduct privatization, but also successfully manage the enterprises”, - wrote Vitalii Trubarov in Facebook.