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Sumy Regional Office offers for rent office space, workshops and vending machines

Sumy Regional Office offers for rent:

1. Premises for the office placement with the total area 228.4 m2 at the addres: 6, Kyivska Street, Okhtyrka town.

2. Part of the room for placing vending machines selling food products (coffee machines), with total area 6.0 m2, at the address: 160, Gerasima Kondratieva Street, Sumy City. 

3. The building of the former wash for the placement of a workshop that carries out maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery, with the total area of 356.0 m2 at the address: 25,Gamalia  street, Sumy city.

The maximum leasing period of objects is 3 years.

Detailed information you can see in the newspaper "Vidomosti pryvatizatsii" dated 01.11.2017 № 86.

Applications are accepted in the Sumy Regional Office (30/1 Kharkivska Street, Sumy,) until November 15, 2017 inclusive.