Type of privatization: Small privatisation



Region: Kyiv city


Code (registry №):

EDRPOU Code: 16464888

Name: "Ukrpapirprom"

Address: 02002, Kyiv, Str. Eugene Sverstyuk 19

Name: "Ukrpapirprom"

Asset holder EDRPOU Code: 16464888

Asset holder name: "Ukrpapirprom"

Asset holder address: 02002, Kyiv, Str. Eugene Sverstyuk 19

Statute capital, UAH: 0.00

Object size: 99.9533

Stake, %:

Starting price: 6 199 633.38

Starting price: 6 199 633.38

Way of privatization:

Form of sale:

Privatization status: Sale announced

Date of sale announcement:

Date and time of sale: 28.09.2018

Date of publication of the results of the sale \ suspension \ sale termination:

Type of economic activity: 68.20 - Renting and operating of own or leased real estate


Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated March 27, 2018, No. 447 \"On approval of lists of small privatization objects subject to privatization in 2018\" (as amended).
Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated May 25, 2018, No. 687 \"On the adoption of the decision on the privatization of the state-owned block of shares in the joint-stock company\" Ukrpaipirprom \".
The nominal value of the block of shares is 12 399 266, 75 UAH.
Joint-Stock Company \"Ukrpaipirprom\" is a new name of the Ukrainian state-owned joint-stock holding company \"Ukrpaipirprom\", which was created in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 19, 1996, No. 981.
The main type of activity is the provision of services for the lease and operation of own or leased real estate.
Information about the construction: part of the area of ​​a 12-storey administrative building in the amount of 1445.9 sq.m. including: 11th floor 883,4 sq. m; 12th floor (part) 436.5 sq. M; basement 18 sq.m; underground garage 108 sq.m.

Customer of sale:

Sale organizer: Апарат Фонду державного майна України, Департамент приватизації, м. Київ, вул. Генерала Алмазова, 18/9, +38 (044) 200-35-29