Automobile crane (КС-4561) К-162 on the chassis base КрАЗ-257

Type of privatization: Small privatisation



Region: Kyiv city

Address: Barenboyma street, 8

Code (registry №):

EDRPOU Code: 01386303

Name: ПАТ "Мостобуд" Мостозагін №2

Address: м. Київ, вул. Баренбойма 8

Name: Automobile crane (КС-4561) К-162 on the chassis base КрАЗ-257

Asset holder EDRPOU Code: 01386303

Asset holder name: ПАТ "Мостобуд" Мостозагін №2

Asset holder address: м. Київ, вул. Баренбойма 8

Statute capital, UAH: 0.00

Object size: 0

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Privatization status: Preparing for sale

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Automobile crane (KC-4561) K-162 on the chassis of KrAZ-257, number AA 8416 BM, inventory number 8457 was not included in the authorized capital of PJSC ”Mostobud” and is on the balance of Mostozagon№2.
Crane KC-4561 – most powerful domestic truck crane maximum lifting capacity of 16 tonneson the main boom is equipped with a main boom length of 10 m, extra long - 14, 18 and 22 m, with jib 5 m. Towers - not equipped with. Basic car chassis KrAZ-KrAZ257К1 or KrAZ-250. Powerplant– generator ЕСС5-82-4У2. The electric drive crane from its installation or from the external network. The individual drive mechanisms from the motor. The control system motion controller allows you to combine the raising (lowering) of the hook or arrow with the rotation of the turntable. The speed of working movements are governed by the connection resistances in the circuit of the rotors and change the frequency of the current generator.
The crane has hydraulic outriggers and can work on external poles, without outriggers, can move with load on the hook is not more than 4.4 tonneson the main boom at a speed of 5 km/h. The movement with the load is allowed only if the location of the arrows along the axis of the crane towards the rear of the bridge. The control cabin in winter is heated by an electric heater. Characteristics of the CCC: chassis 325204014408/4407G, weight without load: 20000, gross weight: 20000, engine volume 14860 CC, mileage: 253461 km.

Customer of sale:

Sale organizer: РВ ФДМУ по м. Києву (м. Київ, бульв. Шевченка, 50-Г), +38 (044) 281 - 00 - 35