The Sustainable Investments Office: details on expert support of the State Property Fund of Ukraine’s projects on-line

On July 10, 2020, the State Property Fund of Ukraine held on-line meeting between the Sustainable Investments Office’s experts and the Facebook audience.

The experts informed live on the aim of establishing the Sustainable Investments Office, its role in the State Property Fund of Ukraine’s systemic reform and current topics on investments attraction via privatization.

According to Head of the Sustainable Investments Office Oleksandra Kudriavtseva, the key project tasks are project and process management modern methodologies implementation, qualified due diligence and strong analytical support of the State Property Fund of Ukraine during its reforming.

Oleksandra Kudriavtseva presented members of the Office’s expert team, namely: Legal Chief Yaroslava Maksymenko, project managers Olha Batova and Vitaliy Kovalchuk who is responsible for the Hotel Dnipro privatization project.  Each of them told about his area of activity in the Office.

Relevance of the Sustainable Investments Office’s establishing appeared under significant increase in projects and projects’ number at the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

It concerns unprecedented number of object, transferred to the Fund for further privatization, and challenges connected with the coronavirus infection pandemic.

The Sustainable Investments Office with assistance from donor organizations, in particular, public organization Transparency International and USAID,  provides the State Property Fund of Ukraine’s efficient transformation to achieve the ambitious goals and tasks in the near future.

Recording is available by the link



The Sustainable Investments Office (SIO), established by Head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine’s order
№ 583 dated 27.03.2020, is subsidiary, advisory and consultative body of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, which activity is focused on realization of projects,  facilitating implementation of the Fund’s reforms and efficiency improvement of its activity.