Rent in Odesa region: cafeteria, ATM, warehouses in the Black Sea port and other promising objects vacant for rent

The Regional Office of the SPFU in Odesa and Mykolaiv oblasts invites you to participate in transparent lease auctions from 10 to 14 May, 2021

Separate part of the attic (5 sq.m) and part of the roof (7 sq.m) for mobile and internet services

Location: 15-A, Langeronivska St., Odesa city

Prise:       UAH 3, 870

Part of the fifth floor corridor (24 sq.m) for a buffet (there is not sell excisable goods)

Location: 15 Lvivska St., Odesa city

Prise:       UAH 2, 571.38

Part of the technical floor (5.00 sq.m) and the roof area (40.00 sq.m) for communication services, telecom operators and Internet providers

Location: 3 Rybacha balka, Odesa city  

Prise:       UAH 6,144.94

List of auctions for the extension of lease agreements from 10 to 14 May 2021:

Part of the hall on the 1st floor of the dormitory building (2.5 sq.m) for an ATM

Location: 74/76 Novoselskoho St., Odesa city

Prise:       UAH 1, 286.11

Part of the storage area for containers of the cargo terminal (120 sq.m) in the sea trade port "Chernomorsk"

Location: 4/1 Pivnichna St., Odesa oblast, Chornomorsk city, village Burlacha Balka, Prise:       UAH 6,430.15

Separate part of the technical floor (11.6 sq.m) and part of the roof (18sq.m) for mobile communication and Internet services

Location: Ivana and Yuriia Lyp St., Odesa city

Prise:       UAH 5,919.46

Part of the corridor on the first floor of the dormitory (4 sq.m) to accommodate laundry facilities

Location: 15a, Lvivska St., Odesa city 

Prise:       UAH 483.75

Separate part of the attic of the educational building (9 sq.m) for mobile and Internet services

Location: 8 Kanatna St., Odesa city

Prise:       UAH 3,974

Built-in premises in the industrial and factory building of the Reni port (124.9 sq.m)

Location: 188, Dunaiska St., Reni city, Odesa oblast

Prise:       UAH 5,914.02

Full list of lease auctions and lease extension from May 10 to 14, 2021: https://bit.ly/3b1YpVY

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