The auction for privatization of the Property Complex of SOE «Lokhvytskyi distillery plant» in Poltava region has been announced

The SPFU team has announced an online auction for the privatization of the Property Complex of SOE «Lokhvytskyi distillery plant». The auction will take place in the Prozorro.Sale system on March 6, with bids accepted until March 5. The starting price of the lot is UAH 11.33 million.

Lokhvytsia Distillery is a food industry enterprise in the town of Zavodske. It was a giant that comprehensively processed sugar-containing molasses into alcohol, yeast, and carbon dioxide. The facility is suitable for many categories of investors, as production is subject to restoration. It is also possible to set up a processing plant on the basis of the SOE or relocate business from the temporarily occupied territories.

The asset has a promising location with good transport interchange, large production facilities and a total real estate area. The company also has equipment and transportation.

The Property Complex of SOE includes 107 registered real estate units (production, warehouse, administrative buildings and structures, etc.). There are also 32 units of engineering structures. The total area of the real estate is 28.6 m², and all assets are located in the Poltava region in Myrhorod district. The company also owns 21 units of transport and special equipment, including trucks, tractors, a trailer and a diesel locomotive.

The total area of the five land plots under the complex is 19.7179 hectares.

As of September 30 last year, a part of the company's real estate of 442.6 m² was leased out under 4 agreements. The maximum term of the existing lease agreements is until 07.04.2026.

The SOE's balance sheet includes the following objects that are not subject to privatization:

● a dormitory building

● 12-apartment building (first floor)

● water heating pipeline

● sidewalks and road, at the following addresses: Poltava region, Myrhorod district, Zavodske, 10 Ozerna str;

● the building of the weather station

● protective structure;

● ZIL-130 fire truck.

For reference. The Property Complex of SOE «Lokhvytskyi distillery plant» has a long history, as it was already put into operation in 1934. In 1937, it was transformed into a distillery. In Soviet times, the plant was one of the largest industrial enterprises in the city, with social infrastructure facilities and houses on its balance sheet. After Ukraine declared its independence, the distillery became the largest alcohol industry enterprise in Ukraine.

In January 2000, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed the plant to produce components for motor fuel, and in July of the same year, the state program "Ethanol" was approved, which provided for the expansion of the use of ethyl alcohol as an energy source, and the plant was included in the list of implementers of this program along with other state-owned distilleries.

The acquisition of state property is an opportunity to start, expand and modernize your own business, create new jobs and fill the state budget with investments.

For more information about the facility https://bit.ly/3uezcnT