Auctions for privatization of three objects near Lybidska metro station in Kyiv for an amount over UAH 218 million were held

Three auctions for privatization of buildings, which are located near the Lybidska metro station in Kyiv for a total amount of UAH 218,061,914, were held on February 15, 2021.

Objects belong to the category of unproductive assets that have been destroying for many years.

The online auction for privatization of the administrative building (A) with an area of 1730 sq. m., attracted 4 participants, who in competitive bidding increased the value of the asset to UAH 135.1 million from the starting UAH 73.5 million.

At the privatization auction of the administrative building (B) with an area of 429.7 sq. m., 5 bidders set the final price of the asset at UAH 37.9 million, which exceeded the starting price of UAH 7.3 million by more than in 5 times.

At the online auction for the privatization of the laboratory building with an area of 74.6 sq. m., 6 participants competed for the ownership of the asset, which increased the price of the asset to UAH 45 million, it is more than 66 times higher than the initial UAH 673.9 thousand.

The objects are located next to the “Flying Saucer” building, which houses the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information and the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine, which is included in the register of architectural and monumental art and is not subject to privatization - and therefore remains owned by the state.