Regional Office in Chernihiv Oblast received UAH 2.5 million from lease of state property

For the first quarter of 2019 the Regional Office of the Chernihiv Oblast received UAH 2.510 million from the lease of state property which is 27.89 % of the annual plan.

According to the Fund's order, for the Regional office was installed the planned task of ensuring the receipt of the rent payment to the State Budget for 2019 in the amount of UAH 9 million.

As of March 31, 2019 in the Register of leases of state property, located on the territory of the Chernihiv Oblast  633 lease agreements of state property were counted of which:

- 574 lease agreements (90.7% of the total) were concluded by the Regional Office, including 1 contract of integral property complex;

- 59 agreements concluded by state enterprises, organizations and institutions, as well as military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the first quarter of 2019, 20 land lease agreements were concluded by the Regional Office of which 10 agreements - based on the study of demand for leased objects, 10 agreements with budget institutions and organizations.

Besides, in January-March 2019 the validity period of 30 lease contracts for real estate property was extended.

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