Regional Office in the Chernihiv region has transferred the State Budget by more than 5 million UAH

Regional Office in the Chernihiv region provided income to the state budget of 5.005 million UAH, which is 52.68% of the annual plan (9.500 million UAH), from lease of state property since the beginning of the year

As of June 30, 2018, RO registered 663 lease contracts of state property, of which:

- 600 lease contracts of state property (90.5% of the total) were concluded by RO, including 1 contract IPC;

- 63 contracts were concluded by state enterprises, organizations and institutions, as well as military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During 6 months of 2018, RO concluded 71 lease contracts of state property and extended the validity of 75 contracts.

In accordance with the annual schedule, inspections on the use of leased property and the fulfillment of the conditions of the lease contracts is carried out. In 2018, 180 complex inspections are planned. Since the beginning of the year, 110 complex inspections have been carried out.