Chernigiv RO offers a canteen on rent in Chernigiv and other property

The Chernigiv RO offers for rent:

- the first floor of the canteen building is 611.6 square meters in the Chernigiv City on the street Hetman Polubotka, 53, for placing a canteen that does not sell the goods of the excisable group, in an educational institution;

- part of the asphalt covering the area of ​​9.0 square meters in the Nizhyn Town on the street Studentska, 2, for placement of cellular equipment.

Applications are accepted until November 8, 2017. (including).

Detailed information is provided by the Department of lease of state property of the Chernigiv RO (Chernigiv, 43 Mira Avenue, offices No. 411, 413), by phone +38 (0462) 77-44-95 and in the newspaper "Vidomosti pryvatyzatsii" No. 84 dated October 25, 2017.