Administration facility

Type of privatization: Small privatisation



Region: Odesa region

Address: 68800 Odesa region, Reni, 28 Chervnya str., 282а

Code (registry №): 3482749.3.ААБББГ942

EDRPOU Code: 03482749

Name: PU „Odesnaftoprodukt”

Address: 65063, Odesa, 6 2nd Artyleriysky provulok

Name: Administration facility

Asset holder EDRPOU Code: 03482749

Asset holder name: PU „Odesnaftoprodukt”

Asset holder address: 65063, Odesa, 6 2nd Artyleriysky provulok

Statute capital, UAH: 0.00

Object size: 244.8 sq.m.

Stake, %: 0

Starting price:

Starting price:

Way of privatization:

Form of sale:

Privatization status: Preparing for sale

Date of sale announcement:

Date and time of sale:

Date of publication of the results of the sale \ suspension \ sale termination:

Type of economic activity:


The object includes 1-floored building of integrated and non-integrated concrete structures. The building is located on the territory of Reni transshipment terminal which is an object of major hazard, no other exit from the area is available. Supplied with energy, water and canalisation system. No separate land plot.
Sale demands - maintaining object operation during 5 year period.
Keep the object and its territory in proper sanitary and technical conditions. Matter of the land for the acquired object shall be decided by the customer after the conduction of a sale and purchase agreement under the current legislation.

Customer of sale:

Sale organizer: Регіональне відділення ФДМУ по Одеській області (м. Одеса, вул. Велика Араутська, 15; тел: 048-731-40-43, 048-728-72-62